Friday, October 31, 2008

Where is x...?

A friend of mine called today asking for off-beat ideas for presenting an online quiz. His group has been asked to design an interactive online quiz over the weekend . The said quiz needs to be super user friendly and should provide a quick yet fair assessment of a test-taker's performance in an innovative fashion. My instant thoughts on essential elements of a good Quiz are:
  • Imagination and Humor - C'mmon we all need fun right?
  • Intriguing Questions as against general open ended questions.
  • Questions should arouse curiosity and should have novelty.
  • Questions should appeal to a wider set of audience.
  • Smooth Point of Entry with easy self-explanatory pointers.
  • Questions should combine the Familiar with the Unfamiliar.
  • Careful phrasing of questions.
  • They should test a candidate's visual-spatial intelligence in addition to logic.
  • Use of cartoons / illustrations as against detailed instructions.
  • Give Feedback / Encourage responses given by candidates towards the end of quiz.
While I help my friend over the weekend-have a look at some of the simple yet amazing quizzes I came across while browsing few mins ago - here, here or here. Happy Halloween & wish you all a superb weekend ahead !

"All human power is a compound of time and patience !"

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