Friday, August 31, 2007

Training the Parrots...!

Since I returned from Sea World, I have been wondering how can a human train an animal and make them do wonderful things...!! I mean all of us know that training a fellow homo sapien is an uphill task by all means. Moreover, you can't guarantee that people will behave in exactly the same manner for all of us are governed by plethora of factors major one being our effervescent 'MOOD'. 

Most Animal Trainers mention that one has to win trust of the animal first besides establishing a cordial relationship & thats the toughest part of the whole training exercise. Once you gain their trust and manage to find way into their comfort zones - you can teach them amazing stuff. As I continue my pursuit of exploring more about this - Njoy this video.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Translation Made Simple...!

Lotsa young people have bold dreams, wonderful ideas & will to pursue their passion. And when such enthusiastic people get together - they invent new possibilities !! Yes, I am talking about Google India - who’s been in news ever since inception of 2007. Here’s their latest offering - an online (I should better sat Real Time) Translation Tool that converts any written text in English into Devanāgarī characters, the moment you hit space !! Well as far as application of Tool is concerned, here’s wht I can think for now:

* Draft applications (spc to Govt Offices) in Hindi, print them & submit them quickly.
* Blog in Hindi :-D
* Design Banners in Hindi for Websites. (Get Devanāgarī Text from Tool & play around)
* Create Content in Hindi for others to see :)

चिन्मय * इंडिया * नमस्ते * बढ़िया * एन्जॉय * इन्नोवेशन * इंस्पिरेशन * मोटिवेशन

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day...!

15 years ago, as a kid - Independence Day used to be a terrific day for me. We used to get the much awaited holiday (a breather in scorching summers) get reasons to buy new clothes & ofcourse watch Television (we juss had Doordarshan that time but that was boon for us !!) full day without any burden of doing home-work or any other household chores, play for hours during evenings - true independence indeed. Success for us, in those times was merely getting "1st" rank in class & the celebrations post results & during birthday parties.

Today, As India marks its 60 years of independence - I sit here & watch Indian Independence Day Videos on YouTube - all I can say is that Time has changed a lot till then. Last six eventful decades has really helped India in shaping up its position in global arena -the exponential growth, exchange rate, the IT Boom, the software hub tag, the rising number of millionaires, ever increasing advancements in Science & Medicine and the best of all its ever famous Democratic Values are few things that makes India create frequent audible beeps in the world. Makes one feel proud - ain't it?

The most notable change in India I feel has been in the mindset of people - parents now encourage their kids to pursue uncommon professions (Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers are in abundance already) like Corporate Trainers, Recruitment Consultants, Scientists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Designers, Theatre Artists, Tourist Guides etc. and thats beneficial for country as a whole indeed. I read somehere - "Unless, one tries out various things - one can never realise what one's best at?" Anyways, I leave you all (my Indian friends here) with mixed feelings of nostalgia, enthusiasm & reverence for the great country with the most widespread diversity.
N'joy the video....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things that Matter...!

I always look forward to meeting people who do things differently, or should I say those who decide to pursue their passions. Interestingly, 'coz of my habit of speaking to strangers while I am communiting to and fro via my favorite Metro North Train to Grand Central Terminal, NYC - I manage to meet lotsa people. yesterday, I met a guy who was going to update NY to meet some of his friends. He (Richter) was with his best friend Gavid who was juss lazing an hardly spoke anythig during our short junket Now, Richter told me that in his good old school days - their gang of friends decided to take up one activity per week which their parents would not normally let them do. Now, the impressive fact was that this 'gang' decided to update Richter's diary everytime they felt they did something different n' were successful at doing that....!!

Now, one might as well say that "So What?' - I too do lotsa innovative things but juss 'coz I don't keep a log - doesn't make me different. So here's my point - in the current world (read World Wide Web) - where distance between information and its destined audience is perhaps say 0.3 seconds (Thanks to Google :) ) logging & publishing information does make a visible difference to lotsa people. Atleast I have decided to do new things (the more unconventional the better) and post them here.For those of you who wish to know what other folks are doing in their free time - have a look @ - te site & its concept impressed me a lot. Go - have a look yourself.

I say that 43 Things does something which perhaps 1000 or even 10000 words cannot...!! By the way it was nice meeting Richter & Gavid (his dog) ;)