Saturday, April 28, 2007

Next Generation Search....!

One good thing about most of the "Product" selling Sites is the Online Chat Support they have - which certainly saves time of users (like me) visiting the site for some very specific information (gathering info about some Investment Scheme / applying for a Loan) and such users would obviously not remain on the site for long. Now, this made me think why don't we have Chat functionality for Search Engines as well. I mean many a times I just wake up, check my mails and go to Google and what? I might not think about the correct set of "keywords" in order to get the spontaneous and logicaly & mathematically correct results. And then I think that for sure there would be many others like me too.

And then going by the business sense too, from companies' perspective they can grab a customer pretty quickly if they get customers the required information instantly. Imagine in our ever busy lives where 24 hours seem too short, the "Live Chat" can actually save on our time on a continual basis. Infact there are many great people doing this already say ALICE - an A. I. chat robot. So why not have our Search Giants incorporate this as well??

I congratulated myself upon this discovery and thought about letting Google/Yahoo know about the same. But then seems my friend from NY already though about this before ;) Go have a look urself !

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Euphoria @ Wall Street...!

Today while exploring features of Google Finance, I saw under Tope news section about the good news for Wall Street enthusiasts; For the first time in history today the Dow Jones Industrial average crossed the 13k Mark. Basically solid earnings reports for last quarter and strong economic data help ed propel the Dow over the 13,000 mark. Now, this indeed is a good news for it does tell that US economy is doing well and Corporate Earnings are progressively increasing with companies posting higher profits and growth QoQ. To reaffirm the above fact, many (besides me) are looking forward to checking the GDP Report due out on coming Friday.
Lets hope for the best !

What amazed me today was this cool promo video on Reuters (World's Leading News Company) & Second Life (a 3D Online Digital World).