Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brainstorming for Fun..!

Loved the crisp presentation on Brainstorming-felt like sharing it quickly :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interpreting Feedback...!

"Connection is a powerful force that creates a positive bond between people based on both rational & emotional factors." Well the more diverse people I meet, the more the I believe in this viewpoint. There are dozens of strategies out there on Internet illustrating the same but I am positive that I am not married to any one in particular!

Recently, I ordered an amazing Laptop for a friend (She never stops smiling :)) & my whole shopping experience was by far memorable in many ways. We were all pretty excited for we were getting a terrific deal (plus $500 Discount) on this Artist Edition HP Notebook & placed a quick order online last Friday. When I checked my statement online 2 days later, I was shocked at having learnt that the discount wasn't applied as promised & the order was cancelled as well. Upon enquiring, I learnt that a glitch in ordering system caused the issue. Anyways, this piece of information was enough to make me "unhappy". I needed explanations-Irritated, I picked up the phone & called up HP's Customer Care....as anticipated - I heard a cheerful voice of 20 something guy with the customary "Thank-You for calling HP Shopping. How may I help you today Chinmay?" My first reaction was to unload my stress/anger but probably the fact that Brian (the agent) called me by name - I decided to be a little patient. I took a deep breath & explained to him at length about what happened & how bad I felt..I said I needed a explanation! To my utter surprise - Brian never argued with me (believe me majority of the cust service reps do argue with irate customers) rather he apologized on behalf of HP & said that a written email apology is on its way. He then proceeded with a fresh order with same list price & express shipping. That said, the thing he mentioned next impressed me the most "Sir, we appreciate you chose us & candid feedback like these do influence changes in the way we sell products at HP. I am sure that you will continue to be our special customer in the days to come." - WaaaaooooW, one thing is for sure-this 20 something guy indeed made me feel way too special :) Anyways I just felt to add few points to what Seth (my true marketing rebbe) says about "Feedback:

  • If you feel impressed or delighted - express it right away.
  • Feedback is more than "GooD" or "BaD". Being a little descriptive while giving feedback makes a huge difference for the intended audience.
  • Anticipate areas of friction before giving Negative Feedback.
  • Frame -ive feedback like "Its ok! But can you let me know what took you guys so long?" What differentiates a "special" customer from an avg one is the way he frames up -ive feedback. (There's always ample room for improvement here :))

Well then, wish you all "Happy Earth Day" & thanks much Brian - you made my day indeed..!