Monday, November 06, 2006

The Anonymity @ Internet..!

While on the Internet or the ubiquitous world wide web - presentation is very vital - for everyone out there is actually on a quest to make some real good sense. Take Yahoo, take microsoft or take Google (you anyways have to ;)) - all they do is make best sense of the noise that comes in from all corners and filter that out to yield the organic results.

Call this Excellent End User Experience or call this Smartness - at the end far end of the spectrum there are always some real good techies who are working day and nigth to achieve the otherwise considered tough milestones.

Now, being Monday today - I decided to honestly find some way to track my site visitors on the Web. As most of us know - the getting IP (read Internet Protocol) Address is the only way I can find about geographic location of my blog's visitors.

I learnt a simple way to get access to HTTP headers that the user will send to the server. This
will include the IP address along with other information the user's browser will send to the server. Thats indeed all I need to get someone's IP.

So all I do using this Javascript is get the HTTP Server Variables and get the information I want.

  • REMOTE_ADDR -- Gives me the IP address of the visitor
  • HTTP_USER_AGENT") -- Gives me the browser the you use to visit my blog
  • HTTP_REFERER - Gives me where you were before visiting this page

Try this out by clicking Button below...!

Thus possibilities are endless indeed. Now, when I sit back and wonder that if I can get this - imagine how much info the websites can extract from users !!
Wish I too learn how to do all that and lot more soon ;)
For now, I leave you all with yet another interesting site below that amazed me this evening...!