Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interpreting Feedback...!

"Connection is a powerful force that creates a positive bond between people based on both rational & emotional factors." Well the more diverse people I meet, the more the I believe in this viewpoint. There are dozens of strategies out there on Internet illustrating the same but I am positive that I am not married to any one in particular!

Recently, I ordered an amazing Laptop for a friend (She never stops smiling :)) & my whole shopping experience was by far memorable in many ways. We were all pretty excited for we were getting a terrific deal (plus $500 Discount) on this Artist Edition HP Notebook & placed a quick order online last Friday. When I checked my statement online 2 days later, I was shocked at having learnt that the discount wasn't applied as promised & the order was cancelled as well. Upon enquiring, I learnt that a glitch in ordering system caused the issue. Anyways, this piece of information was enough to make me "unhappy". I needed explanations-Irritated, I picked up the phone & called up HP's Customer Care....as anticipated - I heard a cheerful voice of 20 something guy with the customary "Thank-You for calling HP Shopping. How may I help you today Chinmay?" My first reaction was to unload my stress/anger but probably the fact that Brian (the agent) called me by name - I decided to be a little patient. I took a deep breath & explained to him at length about what happened & how bad I felt..I said I needed a explanation! To my utter surprise - Brian never argued with me (believe me majority of the cust service reps do argue with irate customers) rather he apologized on behalf of HP & said that a written email apology is on its way. He then proceeded with a fresh order with same list price & express shipping. That said, the thing he mentioned next impressed me the most "Sir, we appreciate you chose us & candid feedback like these do influence changes in the way we sell products at HP. I am sure that you will continue to be our special customer in the days to come." - WaaaaooooW, one thing is for sure-this 20 something guy indeed made me feel way too special :) Anyways I just felt to add few points to what Seth (my true marketing rebbe) says about "Feedback:

  • If you feel impressed or delighted - express it right away.
  • Feedback is more than "GooD" or "BaD". Being a little descriptive while giving feedback makes a huge difference for the intended audience.
  • Anticipate areas of friction before giving Negative Feedback.
  • Frame -ive feedback like "Its ok! But can you let me know what took you guys so long?" What differentiates a "special" customer from an avg one is the way he frames up -ive feedback. (There's always ample room for improvement here :))

Well then, wish you all "Happy Earth Day" & thanks much Brian - you made my day indeed..!


Sangram Singh Jadhav said...

bete sahi hai ekdum

Anonymous said...

stupid person,
all this is expected from customer care executives.
It part of their training to sell their products...

Chinmay said...

Thanks - "Feedback in any form is amazing alws" :)
Happy Reading...Dear Reader !

s k gupta said...

Persons like "BRIAN " are always in short supply in any organisation.
But all of us encounter such nice persons sometimes but most of us prefer to ignore such nice gestures ...we feel that it is part of their duty..their boss / organisation must have instructed them to remain polite with angry customers & so on.
It is an excellent move to highlight such events through the blog...this will certainly inspire us to follow this small but great example in our future interactions with clients, colleagues or suppliers.
Let this blog trigger a chain of positive TRANSACTION of thoughts.
very weldone..
even tiny drops can fill the ocean..collectively.

Anonymous said...

very impressive blog..

let us be like brian..