Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour 2008...!

Often, I get amazed by people who come up with brilliant ideas every now and then. More than money, more than politics, I feel that ideas are the secret power that this planet actually runs on.Anyways, I was really impressed this morning while reading about "Earth Hour 2008" as Top news on almost all major news sites. Carter Roberts was the man behind Earth Hour 2008 which is basically an international event aimed at communicating one simple message "Urgent need for action on global warming". At 8 pm EST on the Saturday (29 March 2008) millions of people (me, you and many more) in some of the world’s biggest cities will unite and switch off electrical appliances for the Earth Hour.

What an amazing way to exhibit that we care for our planet - I love the idea ! This movement accentuates the need to keep pushing on till we get a "Greener Earth" by remaining alert, decarbonizing our surroundings, reducing electricity consumption, planting trees & coming up with innovative ideas.

Well then, you might wish to sign up for this noble cause by clicking right here


Sandeep K Gupta said...

the earth is green & will remain green unless we spoil it.

This call for a short duration black-out will certainly go a long way
in educating & warning people of all cross-sections of the society to
change their life -style & respect nature.

thanks for the timely reminder through this blog..


Anonymous said...

practice the same in ur daily life
then just blogging about the issue..........