Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Euphoria @ Wall Street...!

Today while exploring features of Google Finance, I saw under Tope news section about the good news for Wall Street enthusiasts; For the first time in history today the Dow Jones Industrial average crossed the 13k Mark. Basically solid earnings reports for last quarter and strong economic data help ed propel the Dow over the 13,000 mark. Now, this indeed is a good news for it does tell that US economy is doing well and Corporate Earnings are progressively increasing with companies posting higher profits and growth QoQ. To reaffirm the above fact, many (besides me) are looking forward to checking the GDP Report due out on coming Friday.
Lets hope for the best !

What amazed me today was this cool promo video on Reuters (World's Leading News Company) & Second Life (a 3D Online Digital World).


Anonymous said...

Dude u gotta check

Anonymous said...

Shimorne 508 998 9000 -> 38018

Tanya said...

Finance is what rules the world after all~~~ well, I dont intend to imply money but the economy and its the base that makes a sensex up or down..Dow Jones mark crossover is something very remarkable for a firm economy !!very well written, I must say that you need not be a fin.geek to understand this post ..Just a few terms to be looked for in the wikipedia and the rest is so simplified and knowledgeworthy to get inside your brainvita that toggles with every ounch of finance..

Chinmay said...

Thanks for ur as always distinct 'n' insightful comment on my "normal" post ;) I agree totally wid ur perception of Finance...!