Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Era Of Innovation...!

I was recently gathering informartion about new Software Startups trying to find how the dynamics of "entrepreneurship" works in IT Industry.To my utter surprise - I learnt that most of 'em prefer to operate under "stealth mode" for quite some time before going out there in open & making big news.Upon exploring for some more time - I found David Beisel's blog wherein he discusses the logic behind "stealth mode" of operation of startups - very convincing indeed !

In addition to what Davis days - operating in stealth mode gives one more time for testing the site. Afterall you can never know in reality which day of the week, a font or a theme change on your site can affect your conversions. Well then that’s what Beta Testing aims at then !!
Anyways for now I am keeping my eyes set for 3rd quarter of this year when an unknown Swedish firm plans to release a new, free operating system that might radically alter the economics of software development. For the past five years, Xcerion has been working on an XML-based Internet operating system (XIOS) that runs inside a Web browser. In a way, XIOS is an abstraction layer that sits on a true operating system like Mac OS X, or Windows or even Linux. Interestingly,XIOS aims to focus on two very basic yet indispensible entities in the world of internet - security & user experience.

While no computer system is completely secure, XIOS should be immune to most of the malware today because it runs in a sandbox, a virtual environment where code can be executed without risk to computing resources on the outside. Also, since XIOS is based on XML, the operating system, the integrated development environment (IDE), the applications, and data files are extremely portable and compatible. Applications can be easily tied to back-end XML Web services created with .Net, Java, or other Web technology. Because XIOS was built from the ground up, it includes an answer to two of the most vexing computing issues today: collaboration and keeping files backed up and synchronized across multiple machines and operating systems. All this 'n' much more for free. So keep a watch in Q3 this year for XIOS and its promising cloud based computing.

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