Monday, January 08, 2007

The Invisible Web...!

While going for stroll this evening, I was wondering as to how huge would Google's Index size be? 2 billion / 3 billion web pages or even more? Quickly, I searched and found that as per last official figures released by Google, it seems to have over 8 billion web pages indexed. Isn't that a LOT of information...I bet it is indeed !

Google/Yahoo or for that matter any Search Engine hasn't indexed yet. Now, isn't that interesting? Upon spending a little more time trying to demystify about such hidden information, to my utter surprise I found that there is indeed sites and pages that methodical search engines crawlers haven't crawled yet. Such Web pages are part of what's called the Dark, Deep, Hidden or Invisible Web.

Interestingly the ever smart Googlers have already filed a patent for their invention aimed at
Searching through web content accessible through web-based forms. But what if one wants to search the hidden collection of documents and a multidimensional repository for sounds, images, audio, and other formats now??

I found a few Deep Web Search Tools - hope you like them:

Hope you enjoy searching about obscure topics. Till my next post - good bye!!


Tanya said...

The WWW has grown up so vast in its size that all dimensions of the world of geometry fail to position its coordinates.The invisible web is a stupendous and interesting insight into that "byte information age of different search engine crawlers"..
Very informative and excellent post !

Chinmay said...

Let it !