Friday, January 05, 2007

Time for Resolutions...!

New Year's is traditionally a time of resolutions. Upon returning from Winter vacations, my mind was pacing rapidly as to what ideally be this year's resolutions I might want to undertake - I decided I should better be at a place that has remained a source of hundreds of ideas in the year past by. Upon finsihing two lengths in the pool, I was wondering about what I perceive to be the most challenging part in IT Industry - is it Installing software on OS, Applying patches, writing some good code or venturing out all by ourselves (You Tube, Writely).

Hmmm...venturing out all alone seems pretty interesting ;) Lets c....!
For now, here's what I would want to look forward to in 2007:

I hereby toss off my old calendar & say good-bye to 2006 officially now all set to take control of 2007 and the world ;)


Tanya said...

Hey buddy ,Folks make their resolutions at the start of the year and generally nothing works , but as I have known you my best friend, I must let the world know that your resolutions do take their pace unlike others and you know what I was so mesmerised by your resolutions that I bet I felt like modifying a few of mine.Your resolutions reflect the ambitious mind in all arenas..Wish you a scintillating year ahead dear!Just get set go with your reso..s and I am sure you will achieve that "I DID IT " :-)

Sunny Tambi said...

Chinmay, u r simply gr8.
Keep it up and keep exploring!
Do tell me ur new findings.
Bye 4 now.