Friday, August 31, 2007

Training the Parrots...!

Since I returned from Sea World, I have been wondering how can a human train an animal and make them do wonderful things...!! I mean all of us know that training a fellow homo sapien is an uphill task by all means. Moreover, you can't guarantee that people will behave in exactly the same manner for all of us are governed by plethora of factors major one being our effervescent 'MOOD'. 

Most Animal Trainers mention that one has to win trust of the animal first besides establishing a cordial relationship & thats the toughest part of the whole training exercise. Once you gain their trust and manage to find way into their comfort zones - you can teach them amazing stuff. As I continue my pursuit of exploring more about this - Njoy this video.



Anonymous said...

winning trust is most important in any lasting trasaction especially training.
Birds are really intelligent & training parrots can be a very relaxinf & satisfying experience.
very interesting & unusual blog.
These learnings can be applied to HR TRAINING MODULES.

ashwater said...

who says TOTA- MAINA ki kahani ..purani ho gayi.

This one proves that it is still very refreshing.