Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clash Of The Titans...!

(Photo Courtesy - Madame Tussauds, London [AP])

Even thinking about the next week gives me chills. Elections for all seats in the House of Representatives, elections for 11 State Governors and ofcourse the much talked about 56th Presidential consecutive United States presidential elections - that has captured enormous global attention oflate ! All major news channels, magazines and publications, talk shows , pre-poll assessments firms etc. seems to have flooded the environment with infinite pros and cons of choosing one presidential candidate over another ! With Halloween round the corner, it sure adds to the excitement but isn't it that we are giving way too much attention to Elections? Given the dimishining amount of free time each one of us have everyday, it surprises me that people engage in marathonic discussions (at Coffee Shops, Lunch Places, Chat Rooms etc) centred around which candidate to choose and why?, will my taxes increase?, what about my 401k? what about my certificate of deposits? I wonder why majority of people and companies get so much attached to their finances (money/stock/wealth) specially amidst turbulent times ? (Google being the only exception that comes to my mind - check this post). Well, my own gut feeling tell me that what we really need to do (amidst dancing stock prices and eventful recession times) is focus on building our skills or better still acquire few new ones instead!! Guess - its time to head to libraries and get some books issued for a change ;)

But yes, do watch and listen to few speeches of the candidates - Republican Party's John McCain and Democratic Party's Barack Obama - they are brilliant orators and accomplished individuals and political gimmicks aside-one can always learn a lot about the US Economy, National Issues, Areas of Concern/Improvement, etc. from their talk shows/speeches etc. And please do go out and vote for your perfect candidate because elections do constitute the foundations of a true democracy and the outcome does have an enormous influence on other free societies globally (specially India) ! Perhaps thats why they say "Every Vote Counts !" :D

"Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it!"


Priya N said...

And there goes yet another hot post - right on time :@)

Dhruva said...

"Even thinking about the next week gives me chills." - this made me think that our generation cares too much about US politics (and maybe not much about Indian politics) :)

dont get me wrong ... even i am following up US politics for last one year and even I am getting the same chills for next week.

But my point is following up news is ok but getting "chills" is a sentiment showing we have already become part of this county - which we are not. the fact stares us in face that we are just guests here.

Our own real chill should be saved for next year - when Indian Election process starts. :)

Let us be bystanders for now and let have americans all the "chills".

Dhruva said...

Chinmay Buddy ... read my following post if you havent till now. (itz a long post, read till end)

Chinmay said...

Hey Avneendra,

Ooops-Now I realize why they do proof-reading with words in print media:)

I hv alws believed that we all(democracies)belong to same community[Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam]-our origins might be different but together we all strive to improve our own lil' world that sure makes a global impact somehow!That said-got ur point&believe me I still prefer listening to Hindi Tracks @ over English ones @AOL(Rock Genre being an exception):D

Abt ur post-Loved it Man!Its unbelievably thought provoking& very informative indeed.We sure needs visionary leaders in India soon!


Sandeep said...

The topics arfe very timely & people will certainly love both of your new blogs..