Monday, September 01, 2008

The New Microsoft...!

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Almost all of the distinguished IT firms talk about providing value to end customers thorugh innovative products or superlative services, but then ever wondered about providing an amalgamation of ace products & services? Since past few months I am keeping a close watch on the firms that defy the logic in everything they do and my journey so far has been absolutely amazing. I am working with a close pal to publish few findings that might be a good read. While most of us were caught up in the whirlwind of spotting the best Labor Day Deals today - online or otherwise, few smarter folks that decided to bless us all with yet another remarkable offering. Yes, I am talking about the news that reverberated the web today afternoon - Announcement of Google's much awaited Web Browser - Chrome. Those around me know about my fascination for the reverred firm pretty well and here I am waiting quite eagerly for testing out Google Chrome as soon as it is available for the download. Few points about the browser which makes me love it already are:
  • Amazing Foundation: It has been built from scratch so basics are bound to be right.

  • More Power: These folks have come up with a JS Engine of their own and when you know Google is developing it - it has got to be phenomenal.

  • Open Source: Since they are making the source code available right away, no legal hassles, no anti-trust concerns and plenty of opportunities for contribution for you and me.

  • Private Browsing: We all wanted it since such a long time !
Well, while some of you join me in the Coutdown for Browser's Launch, few others keep sending me screenshots or related news and the rest keep anticipating Google's next move to outwit MS/Yahoo - lets just say that the Show has just begun!
Have a splendid week ahead...!
"You're brilliant, we're hiring..!"
Update: Google is most likely gonna launch Chrome around 11 AM EDT post their Conference at Mountain View Hq. Meanwhile, keep following Tweets :)


Dhruva said...

Hmm ... I can just hope that it doesn't come as a disappointment like Mozilla 3.

Chinmay said...

Yeah - or may be like Cuil ! Anyways that said - lets hope for the best.

Have a nice week ahead !

danielle dagba said...

Cheers to you!

R Karthick said...

@dhruva, Mozilla 3, a dissapointment?! not many people might have the same view. :)

@chinmay, well written blog. Yeah I am looking forward to their release too. Something tells me it will fire, as this is going to become the "operating system" for the future robust web apps from google. No wonder, quite uncharacteristically, google have tried to market this by their own classy way, by releasing a comic book justifying why another browser?!

Chetan said...

To all the readers who love blogs from my friend Chinmay, check out chrome..!!

:) Well yessss , it available for download, so try it out.

Best or Worst, firms like Google and Apple make us all so longing for their products. We might love them or hate them, but each of their offering comes out with something very unique. Period.

Downloading chrome now.. hope it works on my 64 Bit Vista...

Chetan said...

Couldn't stop myself to share my views on my very first usage of "Chrome".
Excellent(15 minutes of my trial) is what i can say. Typical and great "Google minimalist approach" can be seen in the interface of Chrome.
Memory usage(i opened 3 new instances of IE, fireforx and Chrome and opened on each of them).
Firefox memory usage: 65 MB
IE: 60 MB
Chrome: just 25 MB..!!

Also, each tab on chrome is a new process in itself(i could see 3 chrome.exe running in task mgr for the 3 tabs i opened), thus no more browser failure just coz of a single tab.. in chrome only that particular tab will be effected, and not the whole browser.

Definitely something to be tried..
Kudos Google.

Chinmay said...

@Chetan - Yes I totally second ur opinion. I tried Chrome yday and all I would say is it just blazes way too fast :)

Way to Go MS !!