Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Midas Touch...!

Creating content in a form that people connect with instantly is an art most of the IT Professionals master well quite early in their careers! And yes the skill of delivering the rich crisp content in exactly the right words and shortest time (Elevator Pitches) comes eventually with practice. I remember with fondness the preparations me and my partner (now an accomplished Shutterbug & a Consultant with the Big Four) used to do for our then famous Six Sigma Training Sessions during our short stint with TCS's Learning Group in Mumbai(India). The challenge was not in collecting interesting data or catchy fonts or splendid images but rather tossing out the garbage (it was sad to hit delete button on several slides) and convincing ourselves that "Less is Better" before doing a round of rehearsals. But combination of these cut out near perfect (acc. to us of course) slides and few anecdotes from the world around us worked wonders !

Anyways, spotted the foll. award winning PPT while going thru' my daily dose of blogs. Thanks for sharing the same Guy. I loved every slide !!

View SlideShare presentation.

"There's plenty of help around - we just need to ask for it in the right manner !"

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