Monday, June 23, 2008

Empowered Storytelling...!

I grew up admiring distinct qualities of people around me and used to wonder when would I be able to find that 'unique' word/phrase that describes me in totality. For Example:
  • Mother Teresa - Peace
  • Lance Armstrong - Tour de France
  • Tony Buzan - Mind Map
  • Edward de Bono - Lateral Thinking
  • Tiger Woods - Golf
  • Sachin Tendulkar - Cricket
  • Seth Godin - Marketing Guru
  • C V Raman - Raman Effect
  • Scott Adams - Dilbert
  • J K Rowling - Inspirational Writer
  • Roger Federer - Tennis
  • Harsha Bhogle - Cricket Commentary (I admire him a lot)
  • Dad - Orator (He's an amazing speaker)
  • Mom - Thinker (Finding Quick solutions to seemingly daunting problems is a skill she mastered long back)
And here's the BIG news - hunt for a phrase (good one I mean) thats describes me is still on :) The interesting thing to note though is that with each of the personalities listed above one can weave a bunch of stories that describe what made them great & unique. Upon reading biographies of few of them looks like most of them had a fair share of failure & success (Failure over Success Ratio > 1-Yes-its true!!) in their respective lives but phenomenal self belief compensated for all the odds - which gets me into thinking mode again.

While I ponder more on the matter - have a look at this inspiring commencement address by J K Rowling at Harvard. I haven't read any of her books but some of my learned friends [Approx. 7 of 10 people I meet during my travel trips are solid Harry Potter fans :(] believe that the way she crafts a tale in the ethereal imaginary world is beyond superb. As far as I am concerned, I feel that the most notable thing she has given to our world (besides treasured books) is - reignited the reading habit amongst us - (youngsters in particular) which is perhaps good :)
I look forward to spotting an audio-book of any of the Potter's Volumes sometime this year ( I could never muster the courage to pick-up any of those heavy Potter Volumes !!) unless someone can read a Potter book for me ;)
Photo Courtesy : J K Rowling


Tanya said...

I would hate to be outside the queue in penning down my comments for this blog post that scintillates with the sparkle of the beautiful and concise content..Mind you, the word "beautiful" that is used should be marked because of the way the author has conveyed his respect towards each of the eminent individuals..
I am an ardent Potter fan and I was so thrilled to see the "Rowling" mention; but then my selfish gene of happiness pushed my eyes to recall the contribution by all other great people mentioned by the author, seriously if we start jotting down each of their contribution gifts to the society, the list will be never ending..

Also, regarding the self actualisation that the author has mentioned, I would say that "just sit back and think , you will get to know what you have in you "!!! Or ,as per the Sunscreen song by Luz , some people take time to realise their within though its never too late :-)

Brilliant post!!

Sangram said...

One more addition

Art Gordon :- Wait wait...

Chinmay said...

Hi Tanya,

Well, Now I realize why Potter fans r perceived to be creative ppl with extraordinary knack for "Imagination" - ur comments reinforce exactly the same..!

Can I scoop some of ur comments' text in my next post;) (Way of presentation was impressive & reflects just ur style). And yes- "Sunscreen" song example definitely served to be an icing on the cake.

Have a wonderful week ahead buddy..!

Anonymous said...

well...the person who has quick-fix solutions to all your worries is of the view that ...
ALL that glitters is GOLD...

& this is the reason..why she named him SONA...

Hope you got the single precise word to describe your personality..

s k gupta said...

well said..
nice to see that the blogger is aiming to achieve self -actualisation through amazing & innovative inviting all his readers to show him the mirror.

no problem..

You are ... " CURIOUS"

Aren't you.. ..?

keep it up...