Friday, June 13, 2008

Shoes for tomorrow...!

While going through my usual doze of news & blog posts this afternoon, I learnt about this firm which I believe would do phenomal in the days to come. Blake Mycoskie voyage across Argentina & his passion & willingness to help who are less luckier than you and me resulted in launch of TOMS. The firm is not just a usual new Shoe/T-shirt selling adding a strong cohesive community element, TOMS certainly distinguishes itself from any other Shoe selling company I have come across (Nike does some good work too but thats the usual CSR stuff)

The way it works is for every pair of shoes you buy, the company donates a pair to a child in need(Yes they actually do) . Now the point where it gets more interesting is the customers can actually travel to Buenos Aires and hand deliver the shoes themselves. I love the whole idea for I think that by participating:
  • You are letting the kids in person know that they have an external aid around - makes you feel a good & noble person inside.
  • You get in touch with a bunch of people who wish to help the needy and I bet the experience leaves this "community" of people charged up & motivated.
  • You can even upload your picture later on TOMS's Website being viewed by thousands of folks everyday - I am sure you agree that spotting your picture on a website other than your own sure makes you feel good.
  • The first thing I noticed on TOMS Website was "COLORS" and lots of them. To me colors have always been associated with fun & play. So I hope the Volunteer programme adds the element of fun (for good) which we all need in our otherwise ever busy existence.
  • As a consumer your mind gets a true "two for the price of one" satisfaction too :)

What a nice way to serve the community and get attention of social media & consumers at the same time.One thing is for sure - My next BIG shopping spree has to include a TOMS pair for sure ;)

Meanwhile....Keep Cheering those around you !
"Changing a Life begings with a Single Step Indeed" (TOMS WebSite)


Vijaya said...

I never knew tat u write so gud yaar...aftr reading it i cudnt ctrl myself reading othr blogs...thy r words...keep it up :) Vijaya

Chinmay said...

Thanks Vij - keep rocking Chennai :)


s k gupta said...

simply superb..

In fact ..the truth is always simple & straight..

The blogger's description of the current corporate world's fascination with CSR activities inspires us..(the common man..)to think or look inside & ask .. "whether one should not have a personal CSR plan prior to giving big,boring yet impressive presentations /lectures during
hi-fi 5 -star delux seminars at popular tourist destinations in every segment of the globe on "Corporate Social Responsibility ?"

I believe that DROPS make Ocean.
Sparks of noble thoughts ignite & create Fire or flame of wisdom.

CSR can be effective & successful only if the persons involved in this mission set a personal example first.

Your message is precise, loud & will trigger a chain reaction ..sooner or later.

A noble & inspiring message..

Anonymous said...




As you you reap..