Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Milestones Club..!

I got my current RD Issue today and spotted a nice article on Guiness World Records™. Its pretty interesting to learn that an argument over "Which is the fastest bird in Europe ?" sparked an idea in Sir Hugh Beaver's mind for compiling a book of world records and considering Sales Statistics of the reverred book of records (The book sells around 100 million copies in 100 different countries in over 20 languages ~ Courtesy LA Times) - I must say that Hugh Beaver had a brilliant entrepreneurial insight indeed !!

A friend of mine called up yesterday- he was super-excited & stated that it was the happiest day in his life. He then asked me to guess the reason for his ultra-elated-spirits - Ahh now thats a tough one....My mind came up with a dozen thoughts (it wanders way too much these days but thats not the point here) like he's hit a jackpot, he has been shortlisted for the
International Photography Award, his name has appeared on Guiness Book or may be he's getting married again !! My inner self advised me not to take any chances and surrender to friend instead (I have experienced catastrophies with this guessing game in the past). What I learnt moments later that Varun got his Corvette*** yesterday !! I responded with the usual plesantries of "Waaaooow!!, Awesome !!" but was still wasn't sure how can one equate buying a car (Okay dream car) made my someone else (Chevrolet is an amazing brand but...) with the happiest moment in life ? Surprised, I thought that I will keep this in my bucket of "QYTA"** for a while. A plausible explanation I could come up with to describe the phenomena could be:

Most of my fellow colleagues & friends idolise few distinguished BRANDS - Apple,
Jaguar, Omega, Harley Davidson, Swarovski et all which makes me wonder how come these brands and the likes have such a strong global appeal? My observation goes like - the smarter folks from very even smarter schools (read brand) land up in companies (brand again) which have ultra smart & cool working cultures -- they bring about breakthrough improvements in various business processes in respective companies they work for -- companies' cash flow(revenue) grows phenomenally -- they reward their smart workforce -- who can thus (Finally !) buy their (lets call) distinguished brands to make them feel good & proud of themselves! Phewww....thats a long way to go indeed !! Let me try putting that in a sketch - will publish it soon.

Speaking of World Records (Wish someday I learn to stay focussed on one topic while writing Blog Post...this post was meant for sharing something else :( - I promise I won't digress for now:)), hope you all read about opening of the world's longest cable-stayed bridge in eastern China yesterday. Here are some interesting facts about the bridge:
  • The Sutong Bridge spans a distance of 1088m and links the cities of Suzhou and Nantong in China.
  • Its an amazing work of engineering and its 6 lanes expressway promises to reduce the commute time between Nantong & Shanghai by 3 hours !
  • Besides the humongous span, the bridge also has the world's tallest towers at 300.4 m that rest on the world's largest pier's base.
  • The bridge also boasts of the longest single stayed-cable in the world (577 m).
  • The engineers used the domestic steel from Shanghai's Bao Steel which in itself is very impressive.
  • You and me with get to watch this bridge soon :) (The Bejing Olympics torch relay will pass over the bridge).

Congratulations China for this true indigenous architectural feat & welcome to my "Milestone Club"!! The point I was trying to communicate was that the record breaking news like these make me happy & cheerful.

** QYTA - Questions Yet to Answered
*** Publishing Snap of the lovely car my friend procured yesterday. Congrats Varun !!

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