Saturday, December 15, 2007

Decision Making...!

Time & again we hear from our Supervisors/elders that "Quick Decision Making Skill" can be learned over en extended period of time and it comes from practice. May be thats true but considering the paucity of time & based on the post - I somehow feel that everyday decisions are indeed taken by our subconscious minds in those Split Seconds. As my friend (my Cooking Guide) was cooking yesterday, I tried drawing an analogy between cooking & decision making. Here's a gist of my thoughts that wandered way too much last evening ;-) :
  • Gather All Ingredients (Facts) - The exercise directs our Subconscious minds towards soaking the problem which could later help in taking a good decision.
  • Add Spices (Self Judgment) - Like a good recipe, we have to allow ourselves to add our own spices (feelings, intuitions & other considerations) based on our past experiences & judgments. Like a good dish, this step is what differentiates a good decision from a not o good one.
  • Patience - Until the dish gets prepared one has to exercise patience-likewise decision making can be a time consuming process which we ought to consider.
  • Visualization - Mind Mapping has proved to be a good aid since my High School days. Have tried the same while cooking - it actually helps. Somehow I feel we remember things better by way of pictures / illustrations as against mere facts.
Enough said-have a look@the following learn why timely decisions are crucial~ Enjoy...!


Porni said...
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Porni said...
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Porni said...

i... i loved reading it... but no hard feelings.. depending upon timely decisions too are dangerous... one can not enjoy the flow of the current time.. in such a busy world people hardly get any time to plan much, rather they prefer to enjoy the color and the jolly moment of life at that split of time.... well nice theory.. ideal one... but There's nothing ideal in the world. ideal things are hypothetical.. not castigating u or ur thoughts just felt to comment.. sry if that bothered u..
thnx for such a nice post

Vikas Devgun said...

nice thoughts
on the blog
1 dam sahi hai
aur analogy with video