Thursday, December 20, 2007

Breaking The Rules...!

Back in High School, me & few of my friends were always on the lookout of opportunities where we could contribute as responsive citizens by engaging ourselves in community based initiatives, participating in nature trails, educating have-nots during our free time (we were mostly free)...and believe me it used to be so much fun. Somehow it used to give us a sense of euphoria - and we all were invariably happy most of the time. But all such rules seem to have changed in present times - The green lustre of the environmental movement has lost its emerald sheen; similarly, the social get togethers have become a rare occurence.

Why don't we care about the plight of others anymore? Why can't we spend few bucks to help the needy and spend a few hundred bucks on Black Friday / Christmas? Why is everyone-firms, individuals, coaches so focussed on creating their identity amongst masses rather than helping the masses?

The bigger concern I see is that somehow all such observations seemed to have turned people like me off for a while.. and lack of alternatives is definately not an excuse in this case..! Anyways, till I do some more soul searching, here's what I'll keep myself occupied with:

  • FreeRice - Build Up vocabulary & help end hunger
  • ONE Campign - Fight against poverty & global AIDS
  • Millenium Campaign - Goal to end poverty by 2015
  • Get a Prius soon :-) - Hey c'mmon its Hybrid, eco friendly, economic to maintain (44 MPG Mileage), HID lights, cool looks, has an amazing smart key technology - oooops I can write a full blog post on it :-) This perhaps explains this post's title. Ω

Merry Christmas ev'body ♥

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Sandeep said...

Dear Chinmay!


I am impressed with your desire to get rid of poverty by 2015.

More than poverty is our selfish attitude which is cause of most of the problem the world is facing now..we too can make a beginning ..anytime ..anywhere..

nice thought..


sandeep .