Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beyond Cognition...!

Early this morning while browsing through my Google Reader feeds, I stumbled upon Yahoo Design Blog and there was an instant moment of awe & inspiration. For the first time, I felt that out there there are some folks do work for pursuing true research in pursuit of their passions - as against working on usual stuff under visible pressure of revenue targets, work hours clocked or performance feedback :)

The Yahoo Design Team seems to be working on a plethora of Research Projects and after navigating their site - I can summarize their work as " Cutting Edge Science applied for executing some fresh idea". The one project which intrigued me in particular was their "Burst Visualisation Software" - which represents Yahoo Search Queries density in different geographic locations on the globe against a search term like "Miss Teen USA". Apart from the idea this is what impressed my mind about this project:

  • Globe Texture & Appeal (Yahoo rocks in aesthetics..!)
  • The algorithm that yields patterns from a seemingly colossal data against a search term - wonder how they do that - get data, do reverse IP Loookup, plot a trend, capture times also since search trends would differ during day / night times for each distinct location...Wow!
  • After a while [few spins of the globe :)], one can ascertain what are the popular search keywords and "patterns" like these are what Marketers look forward too - ain't it?

And yes, check out the statement by Aaron Koblin - "I have a feeling there's a lot more to come with this stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to spend some more time on it soon". Now, this is a true passion indeed..Boy, what a nice way to start your day with...!! By the way do have a look at this video.

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Anonymous said...

Simply Superb !
it was an interesting experience when we click on the links in blue..which is the colour of looks as if we are sitting in a planetorium & roaming in unknown galaxy.
Discovery ,invention or exploration can't be compared with mass production or revenue collection..first one requires a creative mind with lot of passion..& the journey itself is the destination.neverthless, it requires exceptional thinking & perfect synchrinisation of heart ,soul & mind.
The observations, their interpretation & finally drawing conclusions is both an art as well as science.We are yet to explore entire universe..that means there is lot of scope to know about the unknown & link this knowledge to the benefit of mankind.
The obsevations of the blogger are really deep & sharp..may be interesting too.I hope the RE-cognition will follow Cognition though it may not matter to the blogger.Nice & praiseworthy.