Friday, October 05, 2007


I am sure like me, many would have noticed the Google's home page yesterday illustrating the spirit of celebration of Sputnik's 50th Anniversary. Now, that was indeed a nice gesture from Google who keeps changing its logo on occasions like these. Interestingly, I tried drawing few analogies between Google & Sputnik - here they are:

  • Sputnik changed everyone's perception about capabilities of Artificial Satellites very much like what Google did to now omnipresent Internet Search.

  • Sputnik Launch displayed man's desire to dream, think and realize dreams similar to Google which was en excellent idea put into diligent practice by two passionate & confident individuals.

  • Preparations in Sputnik launch proved that fine grained control on small things matter a lot for Shuttle Launch. I am sure Google manages to get us instant Search Results by ensuring excellent orchestration of both software & hardware.

  • Sputnik Launch was marked by immense competition amidst US & USSR similar to the kinda competition amidst Search Engines. In man's quest to become the best, in a way this is good since it brings about the best products & inventions out there.

  • Sputnik provided lots of information to the world in split second time frames. Google extracts information from almost any system wired to Internet and render the same in a pretty smart manner instantly.

  • Most importantly, Sputnik provided ray of hope to many budding scientists who were working on their ideas. Likewise, everyday Google's new Product launches instills a sense of hope in minds of young Engineers / Entrepreneurs who can surely make the world a better place to live in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

A well timed reminder for a revolutionary discovery.
The blogger has listed out nice anologies .
Google is a very accurate & comprehensive databank & helps in sharing knowledge .

ashwater said...

the spirit of Curiousity & desire to dig out 50 year old breakthrough achievement & its comparision with GOOGLE is quite interesting & remarkable.
I wonder if more such breakthrough revolutions are in the pipeline.Nice blog..