Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Face Reading...!

One of my friends at Yale Department of Psychology is doing a course which makes one almost a master at deducing typical characteristics of people (temperament, attitude, enthusiasm level) by observing them closely for a day. Now I don't know what the inherent logic is from a psychological eprspective but then when I sit down on Saturdays to draw sketches - all my sketches are indeed based on facial expressions of characters.Which means that certainly our subconscious judges people from their face value, from their external appearance & vibes. Most of us do split second decision making and perhaps thats why we are asked to make good and lasting First Impressions in our work places & meetings. I must admit that the topic has aroused my curiosity about the way we make decisions about people we converse with...!

Let me spend some time researching more on the subject this week. By the way wikipedia refers to this thory as Physiognomy...!

Physiognomy comes from Greek physiognomonia, from physiognomon, "judging character by the features," from physis, "nature, physique, appearance" + gnomon, "one who knows, hence an examiner, a judge," from gignoskein, "to know."


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Face reading is an art & is very fascinating.
We develop respect & appreciation towards the object.& this helps us in choosing our responce.
It makes networking easy.
The blogger has put an ocean of knowledge in a tiny vessel through onnovative manner of inspiring the readers to choose the blue coloured links.
A master piece indeed !

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we are going out of India.will respond after coming