Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Conserving Energy...!

Most of us (IT people) believe that breakthrough performance of an application (minimal downtime, max throughput, min. access / page load time) can be achieved by scaling up hardware, adding more boxes. Other than Google which by the way is an excellent software that runs on top of custom made commodity servers which have been wedded into a network centric architecture, lots of other companies are proving everyday that with existing hardware / infrastructure, one can achieve impressive performance provided the software, the logic is unique & near perfect for the situation at hand.

Let me mention about "Snap" - the company which has amazed me since last year with its totally innovative ideas & product offerings - all aimed at making end user experience more rich & hassle free. Snap Shot, Snap Search, Snap Preview - all of 'em basically are awesome products since they let an end user know about a page's content, look & feel even before clicking on its HyperLink. Their latest blog post shows that they are even planning to make an entry in Web Adv Space with "Snap Shares" - It would basically render the Real time Contextual Ads as user navigates across a Web Page. On face of it, the idea appears impressive since it would be like Dynamic Google Ads which are displayed at relevant places only. (No more Leaderboard/Square/Vertical Banner Selection hassles :)). God knows how they'll do this seemingly challenging enhancement.

For now, have a look at their CO2 Saver - this tool is a light-weight program which runs on Desktop & tweaks user's Power Mgmt settings to reduce the energy use when the PC is idle. And yes, as a user you are empowered to change the Power Settings anytime of course.

I simply fell in love with this tool - just add up the CO2 you are saving per day (Tool shows you the metrics as well) and multiply it my 365 and you'll realize why am I so excited about it. So, lets go & make a difference....!

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Snehil said...

One good idea has the potential to change everything. It just needs someone to make it happen. Thanks for sharing info abt CO2 Saver

sandeep said...

the idea as well as the statistics is quite impressive.

What a way to put across a very well timed message for reminding people to contribute in energy conservation.

It is a noble call..

Anonymous said...

very informative blog.

nice to see younger generation's concern towards Energy conservation.

Ridhima M said...

thanks a lot for reminding us about ENERGY CONSERVATION. A little more awareness ,consciousness & positive action will make the future of next generation secure.

Nice input dude !

Tanya said...

Thanks a lot for penning down such a wonderful post that hints to energy conservation! Carbon dioxide, CO2, is one of the gases in our atmosphere, being uniformly distributed over the earth's surface at a concentration of about 0.033% or 330 ppm.Such a high level of concentration if allowed to grow will definitely be a cause to a big havoc.I must say thanks for being such a wonderful human being to make everyone aware of the co2 saver coz even a small little step saves the world!!!Good going!!P.S--I have also installed the CO2 Saver :-)

Ajay Krishnaswamy said...

Nice blog Chinmay. Have installed CO2 and am on the road to save the world. :-)

neha said...

Hi chinmay
This is today requirement to aware of ENERGY CONSEVATION thanks for such a informative blog

Anonymous said...

What a way to energyse people & inspire them to conserve energy!
The content , theme as well as the get up of this blog is quite impressive & unique.
Unique because it invites readers to act & contribute in this mission..
A praiseworthy effort !

Samrat said...

" Energy Conservation " is certainly the need of the hour - we should work in a collaborative fashion to achieve the same on a daily basis.