Sunday, June 03, 2007

Scribble & Doodle...!

Upon waking up little early today (10 AM for Sunday is early indeed ;)), with my usual morning 'Kukicha' in one hand and Cookies in another - I gazed out o the window and wondered - "What fascinates me?, What is it that I really care about?, What kind of people I want to work with? What brings out the best in me? all" I mean somehow just earning a good living doesn't satisfy my apetite anymore. I am looking to make a statement in this journey called life - lets c what happens...!

Anyways, speaking about "creativity" or wannabe daydreamers like me - Where do we have our best ideas? When our full attention is on solving the problem or when we're taking a shower, driving, or relaxing in the garden? Upon researching a lil' more about this on WWW, I learnt that most of the great inventors had best o their ideas / 'Eureka' moments come in when they were in a state of absolute relaxation.

The challenge is whether we can do anything to nurture it??
Interestingly, even penning down thoughts can work wonders - I learnt. They call it "autogenic writing". This techinque is a particularly effective way of tapping into our intelligent unconscious is creative visualisation. It's similar to the system for relaxation in 'Tranquility' but with a twist, so instead of sending us to sleep it keeps us in that space between slumber and wakefulness: a place where the most extreme creative thinking tends to happen.
It can be words, sounds, pictures, smells, objects or pretty much anything that frees up our mind to head off on a new adventure and so think the unthought. Sounds Simple...Now thats interesting - let me go try the same !!
"Major writing is to say what has been seen, so that it need never be said again."


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