Thursday, June 28, 2007

Changing One's Perspective...!

My parents always say that 'Enthusiasm can't be faked". For something to be exciting & to become viral or sought out by others - it has to be of visible value & should have a mass appeal - thats what I think atleast :) Recently, I attended birthday party of one of my very good friend and beieve me my silent observation of guests was a true eye opener for me. If you keep a close watch, you can't ignore the true positive energy warehouses (people). Btw...I feel lucky whenever such people are in my close proximity most of the times !! Coming back to enthusiasm, I was thinking while dining today - watching a movie / hanging meeting friends / visiting NYC / exploring new places - kinda energizes me a lot or should I say make me happy. Then why do I feel bad after spending a busy day in office...hmmm something to ponder for sure. Guess its time to change perspective indeed. There are certainly many other activities that I would wanna do; could be small ones but certainly the ones that make a positive 'n' visible impact on my ever thoughtful psyche. Anyways being a weekend - I am sure I'll get plenty of time to do things I really want to spend time for 'n' ofcourse push in more Blog Posts :) 
And yes for those readers who think that there's paucity of time in this world - the following video is a must c - N'joy !!

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Tanya said...

You know what , I have got tired of saying the same appreciation note about this praiseworthy post yet again!Life goes on with the concept of "Brief history of time" always and there's always a take away from every moment that we spend, so never ever repent , just look back and smile and life goes on :-)