Sunday, May 13, 2007

Creative Sovereignty...!

Many a times, we come across those "Ah-Ha" Moments-when we notice an Ad in say a newspaper, journal or even Youtube , we sit back and say to ourselves-"Hey. Isn't that kool? ". And this is where the folks who designed the Ad win-they are able to connect to you emotionally & believe me thats tough !!

In communication business - you have to say a "thing" out there loud to an audience of millions whom you would never ever meet yet your soul task is to connect to them in a split of a second. As always during Lunch time today - I was checking some Marketing Videos of Google - and was impressed a lot. I mean three words came to my mind upon viewing them - simplicity, clarity & "Ah-Ha" :) Now coming to the point I published this post for.....

I draw sketches whenever I find time & a plane A4 Paper. Back in India, I started collecting my cartoons, scanning them and uploading them on Picasa - receiving pat on the back soon became a habit. But then thats about it - life carried on pretty much the same for some time till I arrived in US. Today afternoon I was terribly upset & said to myself "Now that even though my "Sketch Count" has reached 80, but nobody cares:( actually. Everyone around me specially here seems to be too busy with humdrum lives; and the ones that aren't, I don't want them anyways". Thats when I called up my best friend and was told "Making a big deal over one's creative work is kiss of death". I decided to maintain my "creative sovereignty" - with or without the help of world at large -- Nice resolution ('_')

"Everyone has their own private Mt. Everest they were put on this to climb"


Anonymous said...

creativity at it's best..

this blog depicts an insight & deep understanding of the turbulent stream of thoughts in our mind & heart.
Besides the book- reviews ,the cartoons too are very impressive.

ashwater said...

excellent review..
selection of books as well as the review with a rich blend of own perception makes a good combination of wisdom & creativity.