Friday, November 28, 2008

We Miss Peace...!

While everyone knows that showering unconditional love to those in proximity is the only way we can live in harmony-I wonder why do terrorists exist and more importantly why do they create so much of havoc, anxiety, trauma, mayhem and terror?

We express our sincere condolences to Mumbai Martyrs who fought bravely in the War Of Terror and sacrificed their lives for our sake. We salute the bravehearts -they'll be missed so much :(

"There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people ~Mohd Ali"


Dhruva said...

hmm!! ... my wife was asking the exact same question "why there are terrorists". (so you are now thinking like girls or what?)

anyways, my reply was(is) - wherever there is good, there is bad ... good and evil are always there in all yugs (when there was Ram, there was Ravan) ... when brahma created the universe - he himself created both good and evil consciously ...

i guess this way balance is maintained in world ..

so, bachcha!! aur koyi shanka ho to hamare kutiya mein padharo hum tumhe gyan pradan karenge!!

Anonymous said...

I somehow don't respect Dhruva's comment especially the way he hinted about "thinkling like girls"; infact there shouldn't be any gender-biased thinking.Peace is what every country aspires for , some aspire for peace by eliminating terrorism, some aspire freedom from captivity etc , so we see that finding peace exists in almost all countries of the world.Terrorists are the name for all the evils that need to be eliminated to aid peace.