Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reason to Smile...!

(Photo Credit: Tanya @ Flickr)

Yesterday, there was a power outage at our place. Though it lasted for a mere 20 mins but it seemed like it was hours (if not days!). For the first time in several months - I felt so bored and what followed next was an eerie silence...wish I had accompanied my room mates to the Health Club in evening :( Anyways long story cut short, I was wondering about this week and realised that inspite of few highs (Watched many movies) and lows (Had Sambhar 4 times-ewww) it was quite amazing indeed. I decided to list down few things / news that made me genuinely happy this week. You are permitted to assume that I went real crazy this time but what else you'll do when you suddenly find FREE time (No Internet I mean ;)) and company of zero living beings around :D. Anyways, here's the list:

  • Fireworks : Bejing Olympics Inaugration Ceremony.
  • Accomplishments : Abhinav Bindra's Gold Medal Saga.
  • Records : Michael Phelps smashed record after record - looks like he read my erstwhile post ;)
  • Product Launches : Our Team's indigenous 'STARS' Enterprise Sales Reporting System was blessed by CF's President at last. (Post 3 months feasibility testing)
  • New Ventures : I cooked Suji-Halwa (an Indian Sweet Delicacy) all by myself. (Was kinda edible)
  • Pleasant Surprise : The 'Water Taxi' snap was published at You made us all very proud Tanya - Gd luck for ur next Shutterbug Venture !
  • News News: Nidhi - my distinguished cousin (who by the way never stops amazing me) got promoted at Amex ! Congratulations Di...!

Now that sure sounds like a time for celebration. I thus treated myself with an double scoop 'OREO Overload' (It was splendid) post Lunch today & headed back to my lil' playground (some call it 'cubicle') for grabbing some more fun ! I wish everyday was like today :)

"Without a doubt, people around you are absolutely true most of the time."

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