Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get Set Go...!

I feel lucky for having come across this interesting article in Business Week about The Best Young Entrepreneurs while going thru' my daily doze of news today. You always feel awed when you see that a bunch of smart, prolific & brilliant young folks focus on everyday problems & together with a remarkable amalgamation of creative ideas, intelligent choices & quick implementation of ideas - launch exceptionable products / services. Gone are the days when one needed to have a history that can demonstrate dedication to professional career in a particular stream (read Work Ex.). The article demonstrates that each of us can achieve breakthroughs - its just a matter of taking a pen & paper and jotting our thoughts & ideas down. I have tried this technique of writing down things and it seemed to have produced impressive results.

Anyways, in my efforts to shake up my status quo (no plans for the weekend yet), I made some
sketches today and let me see what I can do with them over the weekend (I have few ideas...lets see if they work :)) I always wanted to capture the charisma, the enthusiasm, the energy & the varied expressions on faces of people around me since my High School Days - and guess I have found a way to do so. WaaoooooooW - I love this euphoric sensation...!! Do check out this amazing post by "Tools for Innovation by Anand Chhatpar - you might wanna add it in ur Favs like me :)

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Tanya said...

"Get set go" is the motto of each of our lives, some of us realise it late or beforehand...Its always advisable to pursue one's own hobby before its too late and I find tha clearly stated by the author...Good one!!