Saturday, July 14, 2007


Let me start by accepting that by nature I am quite an impatient guy. If I have an idea or a notion, I want it to be completed tomorrow no matter what. And when life smiles back to me with the unexpected - I have no choice other than to sit back in dismay. I am sure you would've already made an impression about me or abt the post that follows. Thats 'coz thats the way human mind is hardwired to make quick associations with the available audio visual available in one's close proximity. Interesting - isn't it? ;)

Anyways, now that the summer season is on - there's so much my wandering mind wants to indulge itself into. Hope some one helps me narrow down the list ;) Well, may be get involved in some Volunteer work or explore American flora or write for IMZ or read posts like this and get amazed.

For now, have a look at Google Summer Of Code Entries - these folks are indeed inspiring young techies to participate in Open Source Web Development. Providing passionate young minds with a platform to pursue their dreams would certainly make the world a better place to live in.


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