Saturday, October 07, 2006

In The Clouds...!

Often I sit back in amazement watching Google launching products and services which no ordinary soul can aspire to even think !! I find sharing d little I know abt the Search Giant as the best way od expressing my marvel week after week. Today, being in a relaxed mood - I decide to find about how do Googlers ensure pinch of creativity 'n' passion in whatever they do - afterall going by the basics some 'provocation' is required.

Here's what I found....!!

Anousheh Ansari
, the first female private space explorer, called the Googleplex from the International Space Station 10 days back. The person on other side of the phone was 'Larry Page'.
The topics they discussed ranged from what Anousheh forgot to pack while blasting off from Earth(her husband!) to her hopes for the future of space exploration!!

Some highlights:
Larry: What was the biggest surprise?
Her: Seeing the Earth rotate for the first time. Every time I want to remind herself that she's really in space,I look out of the window, watch the Earth rotating, and pinch myself to make sure I am still awake.

Larry: What would you change about the space station?
Her: Add another shower, Add Internet access! since right now email is batched.
Larry: Laughs :)

Larry (wistfully): When can we come up to join you?
Her: You'll have to come up one at a time. In any case, construction is speeding up on the International Space Station, so tourists will probably be fewer for the time being. I hope you (Larry) can improve the food; although the cheese pasta is fun to chase, it's not much fun to eat ;)

Larry: Do you have anything inspirational to say?
Her: Explore the boundaries. Try new things. Be free-thinkers and use your imaginations. Learn from your environment, your teachers, your books -- but then go beyond your knowledge. I always wanted to go to space, although I didn't wind up working for NASA.
I detoured to different areas, but finally I found a way to make it happen.

Now, if Interviews like this are the sources of inspiration 'n' energy for Googlers no wonder they are doing their job of
organizing the world's information and make it universally accessible
exceedingly well

Another offbeat thing these guys do apart from creating tecnological wonders is help society. – the philanthropic arm of Google aimed at making world a better place by focussing on Literacy, global poverty, energy and the environment using Google talent, technology and other resources has started off in full throttle as well.

The list is endless......I wish I had the time to share everything....!!!! Till next time Happy Googling..! Do have a look at Price of a Dream - Anousheh's Blog !!


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